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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy Crafty Thursday!!

The holiday's are coming into full swing... with Halloween candy stuffing the aisle's at the local big box store and sales of those cute candy corns everywhere, it's beginning to look like autumn has arrived... and with it... a candy corn challenge... 

That's right... a "candy corn" challenge... 

This is a fun way to put a smile on your face as you complete the steps... so here goes..... Take off that "adult" demeanor and put on your kid cap!!

Create a project: Candy Corn Shaped Card
Paper (solid color) of candy corn.. make a 2 layer mat
Ribbon: Yes around the middle
Embellishment:  Make it beautiful but not over the top. 

This challenge will start today, Thursday @ 2:00PM and end on Saturday @ 10:00PM

You must post your link here in the comment section.
You must be a member of the blog
Make it your best work; there is a prize at stake. 
For KK8 members, there are 10 points up for grabs.

Be creative.. you can turn any rectangle card into a candy corn card... scissor work!

Hope to see your creations here!!!


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