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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Did you craft today? Mail Art & a Challenge

Crafting has become a part of my daily life.   I find time to sketch out things at work in my spare time.  Last week I started working on "mail art" with the old envelopes that were found in my desk.  Mail art is like artist trading cards.  These are one of a kind envelopes that brighten up the mailbox of the recipient.

Have you ever tried "mail art"?  Believe me you don't have to buy any. Just take the "return" envelopes you receive in the mail and use them.  Window envelopes are especially great to use... 

Be sure if you want to use them that you create a readable space for the address and the return address. 

So .. try your hand at created a piece of mail art.  You can stamp, sketch, paint, color, collage.. the sky is the limit. 

This is a sample of a great piece of mail art... ...

CHALLENGE:  Try your hand at mail art... create a piece and post your one of a kind art piece here on my blog.   Show off your creativity!!

Happy creating!!

Ebony Connie Scrapper..


  1. very beautiful. I used to decorate all my envelopes with stamps and coloring when I was in college!

  2. Yes, I did too. I love stamping and coloring so I'm always doing something on an envelope..


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