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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Artist's .. how do you handle...

Ladies, today is all about how you handle the stresses and how crafting either adds too or detracts from it.

As artists, we challenge ourselves to do more.  As women, we are inherently feel we are obligated to do more and as significant women in the lives of men and mothers to the children, our proverbial plate is always full.

How do you handle it?

Are you supported in your daily tasks ?

Does crafting help to lower your stress or does it add to it on some level?

Let's talk about it..  What you do may help others... so let's share!


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  1. I am an emergency room nurse and I feel like crafting helps me de-stress from a high stress job. At my craft table and can mess up and no one will die. I do however get stressed when I place too many obligations on myself, things like filling my calendar with swaps, design team obligations, blog and YouTube posts, or deadlines for gifts. That's when I have to just step back and enjoy the little things. You know, the things like actually sitting down to craft for the love of it and not to meet a deadline. It is very rare for me to feel stressed once I am sitting in my crafty space and creating. I can get lost in a project and the stress will just melt away. Take some time to enjoy the little things today.
    Cheri - John 3:15


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