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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's all about YOU

Good evening Kraftie Kre8ators.... 

This is your next challenge... it's a blog challenge so everything is going to be done right here in the Kraftie Kre8ations Blog.. Start Time: 8/21 @9:00 PM- End: 8/22 @9:00 PM EST

This is a simple challenge but it can have some very difficult parts too it.  The subject of the challenge is YOU.. Yes... just YOU.  

Create a layout ... 12x12 or 10x10
Capture a picture of you... sitting, standing, looking, smiling.. contemplating.. 

Here's the recipe:

Traditional Scrapbooker

Create a layout of yourself with a journal entry. 
Must have flowers, ribbon, metal pieces.. whatever makes you feel happy
Must have some dimension
Must be "eye catching"

Be creative.. stretch you imagination. Reach out and see the boundary and then pass it.

If you are into Mixed Media
Create a layout 
Picture of yourself
Must have dimension
Must have sprays and texture
Add flowers and other goodies
You must journal your thoughts.

So this is a challenge for both mixed media scrapbook artists and traditional artists... and even digital arts can join in.  

Because this requires a good deal of thought, the points will be doubled for this challenge.  You must complete the challenge in order to get the points.. 

PPP: 6

There will be a link provided for your project... Sign up on the KK8.  This will tell me who is participating. 

I hope you will join me.. as we step back and take a look at a moment in OUR  life... share it with us. 

Creative Content Director


  1. Great challenge Connie!! I almost NEVER scrap about myself.


  2. I would have loved to participate in thi9s but the opne day challenges never make it out of my inbox before they are over. I get that swamped with email. Maybe if you could announce these challenges a week ahead of time or give more time to do them I'd have a chance to participate more. :(


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